RCBS Rebel Master reloading kit

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For over 75 years handloaders have trusted RCBS for their reloading needs. The Rebel Master Reloading Kit continues that tradition starting with the tough-as-nails Rebel Single Stage Reloading Press and surrounding it with our favourite products to help you make your first round or 5,000th.

Kit includes the following products;

  • Rebel Single Stage Press 
  • Uniflow-III Powder Measure,
  • 1500-grain Digital Pocket Scale 
  • Hand Priming Tool
  • Speer #15 Manual
  • Powder Funnel 
  • Fold-up Hex Key Set
  • Accessory Handle-2 
  • Case Neck Brushes
  • Primer Pocket Brushes 
  • Deburring Tool
  • Case Loading Block 
  • Case Slick Spray Lube