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Zeiss DTC 3/38 clip-on thermal optic

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Ensure that every night hunt is a success – the new ZEISS DTC 3 Thermal Imaging Clip-Ons offer perfectly compatible optics with a large and high-contrast 1024 × 768 HD AMOLED display, intuitive ergonomics, precise and user-friendly zeroing procedure thanks to the app-controlled zeroing assistant, virtually unlimited battery life, and numerous customization options.

Range and accuracy at long distances play a crucial role in night hunting in open terrain. The ZEISS DTC 3/38 covers a larger area, has a field of view of 12.3 meters at 100 meters, and an accurate click value of 1.6 cm at 100 meters – for extremely precise zeroing and thus highly accurate and ethical shots.

Top-notch optics and a sharp, clear image are essential when hunting at night in order to be able to safely identify game. Two ZEISS DTC 3 thermal imaging clip-ons offer high-quality germanium lenses that are optimized for thermal radiation, the latest generation of 12-micron sensors, a large HD AMOLED display, and sophisticated image processing to deliver uncompromising detail recognition and maximum precision.

Intuitive handling and the ability to easily interact with the clip-on device are critical to night hunting success. The central location of the focusing turret on the upper side of the clip-on device makes it easier to reach and focus precisely. The ErgoControl operating concept features an intelligent, cross-shaped arrangement of the buttons, making the device even more user-friendly – both for left-handed and right-handed users as well as when wearing gloves.

To ensure that the riflescope, thermal imaging clip-on, and rifle are perfectly in tune, it is essential that the set-up is carefully and precisely zeroed. The ZEISS DTC 3 are equipped with a digital zeroing assistant. It is easy to operate via the ZEISS Hunting app and makes the zeroing process faster, easier, and even more accurate.

The ZEISS DTC 3 can be connected to the ZEISS Hunting App via Bluetooth allowing you to adjust the device settings to your own requirements. Particularly convenient: once the combination of ZEISS DTC 3 and riflescope has been zeroed in, you can store the setting as a profile in the app and easily switch the clip-on from one riflescope to the other. Four possible shooting profiles ensure impressive flexibility.

Sometimes hunting success doesn't come as quickly as we would like. With a battery life of 10 hours in continuous use, the ZEISS DTC 3/25 and 3/38 offer virtually infinite possibilities. The integrated angle sensor automatically detects the device’s exact position and activates standby mode at a lateral tilt of 45° as well as at a downward or upward tilt of 70°. Standby mode can, however, also be deactivated by briefly pressing the power button.

An adapter is required to attach the ZEISS DTC 3 to your riflescope. The two-piece ZEISS Adapter offers you the newest technology and allows an easy and fast mount and dismount of the thermal clip-on device. In combination with the zeroing profiles of the DTC 3 the ZEISS adapter can be used on up to 4 different riflescopes. The bayonet mount allows a fast exchange without any shot deviation.

Focal length

38 mm



Field of view at 100 m (yds)

12.3 m (40 ft)

Objective viewing angle

7° x 5°


1.950 m (2.133 yd)

Sensor resolution

384 x 288

Sensor pixel pitch

12 μm

Display resolution

1024 x 768

Display frame rate

50 Hz

Display type


Optical magnification


Maximum digital zoom


Zoom steps


Vertical adjustment range at 100 m

154 cm

Lateral adjustment range at 100 m

205 cm

Adjustment per click at 100 m

1.6 cm

Battery type


Battery run time

10 h

Internal memory






Livestream function (Video & Photo)


Operating temperature

− 10°C | + 50°C (+ 14 °F | + 122°F)

Length x Width x Height

164 x 60 x 65 mm (6.5 x 2.4 x 2.6")


650 g (22.9 oz)